Avarik Saga Lite Paper


Immerse yourself in the medieval world of Avarik Saga, a metaverse where blockchain-based game converge with art in a creative space community. Uncover endless possibilities as you journey in this war-ridden realm with 8,888 generative personas of loyal Knights, crafty Archers, and arcane Wizards in 4 novel factions and future realms to come.

Inspired by the AI generated trends of CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and various others, each token has been randomly generated and assembled from over 400+ hand-drawn attributes, generating a unique JRPG-style NFT.

Avarik Saga is also largely influenced by notorious NFT-based games, such as Axie Infinity, where players battle each other to secure more money. The realm of Avarik Saga combines the most sought-after traits of the blockchain and gaming industries. It features collectibles, social avatars, auto battle gameplays, and play-to-earn functionalities in competitive gaming.

Avarik Saga’s main goal is to build a next-generation blockchain-based metaverse of gaming NFTs, backed up by digital value. Avarik Saga is not just a game for blockchain players, but rather a game that will introduce blockchain to millions of players.


The sales volume for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) hit $2.5 billion in the first six months of 2021, a massive increase from a total of $13.7 million in the whole year of 2020. Simultaneously, OpenSea saw an exponential growth of NFT collectible trading volumes on their platform for projects like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, VeeFriends, and many more.

The trends that triggered this growth were driven by the increase in communities exposed to NFT collectible projects and an enormous growth in Axie Infinity game players in developing countries. Combining NFT collectibles and gaming opens up a completely new opportunity. Thus, Avarik Saga was born.

It is now time to step into the medieval realms of Avarik Saga: an auto battle JRPG play2earn game where players need to possess at least 3 Avarik Saga NFTs to play the game. Journey in this war-ridden realm with 8,888 generative NFT ERC-721 token personas from over 400+ hand-drawn attributes of loyal Knights, crafty Archers, and arcane Wizards in 4 novel factions and future realms to come.

Avarik Saga will feature a play2earn Auto Battle JRPG where players can secure more money by playing the game regularly. The main currency used in the Avarik Saga economy will be $AVRK. It can be used to purchase exclusive NFTs, Cosmetics, Gemstones, Ingredients, Weapons, Armours, Pets, and Avarik Saga’s DAO.

Game Concept


Heroes earn your merits! Get your $AVRK token by participating in-game battles regularly.


Own 3 NFT Avarik to start Autobattler style games against AI Mini Bosses and Big Bosses like Axie. Don’t miss the ingredient drops from each battle.

Casual PVP

Heroes, face off with Avarik’s renowned warriors with your best composition, strategies, and skills.


Earn your ranks by winning battles and get matched against Heroes of similar ranks. Rise through the MMR to gain honor and make your name on the leaderboard.

Multiparty PVE

Form parties and team up with your trusted comrades in the fight against AI generated Big Bosses! Get rare ingredient drops from your battle raid.


Finish the campaign story and stay up to date with each expansion. You will be rewarded with rare ingredients.

Faction War

Conquer the Faction War to lead your faction to victory and earn the exclusive rare ingredient rewards.

Fusion Mechanic

Heroes can combine 3 Avarik Saga NFTs with a Gemstone and gamble for 1 Legendary Avarik Saga NFT.

Ingredient Exchange Center

Ingredients are rewards that Heroes earn in the game. They are not NFT based so Heroes can buy and sell their ingredients in the Avarik Exchange Center.